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J&P Leveque Bros. Haulage Ltd.
Creating a path...Building the way.
Construction Division - Leveque Brothers Sand and Gravel Bancroft
Building our reputation in the road and highway construction industry for over 30 years and having successfully completed several large scale MTO, Town and Municipal road, water and sewer projects we have proven our ability to work within a range of constraints to deliver timely, high quality work. If this is the kind of approach you need on your road or land sculpting project, give us a call at our Bancroft office at 613-332-5533 or 800-727-5612.
Moving That Which Seems Immovable
Excavating rock and earth to reshape roads, improve safety, widen sight lines and allow for drainage.

Improving Nature's Channels of Life
Protecting marine wildlife and waterways while removing or repairing culverts which no longer meet the needs of those that rely on it, before they pose a danger to the traveling public.
Solidifying The Beauty of Our Landscape
Bringing plan to action in the transition from theory to reality to build strength into roads and the soil systems that surround them.

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