Founded in 1976, Leveque Bros. has been growing as a company.  Along the way, we have been refining our commitment to the values we believe in.  Intended or not, everyone leaves a legacy and we want ours to be hard working people who provide a quality product at a reasonable price.  So no matter what our endeavor, rest assured that this is at our core.

Head Office:
30876 Hwy 62N,
Bancroft, ON
K0L 1C0
Phone: 613-332-5533

Bancroft Concrete/Aggregates
56 Sutherland Road
Bancroft, ON
Plant Manager: Ashley Walker
Tel: 613-332-0220
Tel: 866-966-2738
Fax: 613-332-0828

Haliburton Concrete/Aggregates
118 Industrial Park Rd
Haliburton, ON
Plant Manager: Jeff Madden
Tel: 705-457-1042
Tel: 877-457-1042
Fax: 705-457-2416